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Cybervn is a Houston, TX based application development company & software development company, we develop applications for various industries and our clients are small to mid-size business in the United States, especially Texas. We possessed a wide range of information technology services, including custom software developments, consulting and researching. Since located in Houston, TX , our Software Engineering group has an extensive experiences working in the Oil & Gas industry.

Cybervn helps solving operation challenges that our clients facing on the daily basis, and to improve our clients business performance by the mean of applying new technologies, software and hardware integration.

Cybervn provides custom software developers and system architectures who are experts in their fields, to create custom applications that included but not limited to engineering software tools, business accounting applications. Cybervn has a tremendous experiences and successes in software developments for clients ranging from start-ups to large establishments.

Furthermore, instead of just being a mere technical and technology provider house, Cybervn also strive to be your lifetime partner in helping to grow your business. Cybervn’s time-tested methods will get straight into the core of your business problems to search and to discover for better, simpler, smarter solutions, and in the same time to stay within your budget.From a simple and standard business web application to a complex custom engineering software, Cybervn can research, architect, design, develop, support and test your technological demands, so that your employees can focus on the core aspects of your business.

Our application development company is expertise in custom software developments, custom programming services and custom applications, database designs and development solutions. Cybervn using popular and mainstream programming languages and environments such as Microsoft .NET C# and VB.NET, PHP, C#, etc. Our talented and experienced software programmers develop software utilizes Microsoft SQL, Microsoft Access Database, Oracle, and My SQL, etc.

Does your business have a need for Custom Software Development & Programming?

Cybervn built …

  • Custom solutions, to increase your business efficiency
  • Custom applications, with custom pricing, specifically based on your requirements
  • Application solutions, customized around the needs of your business
Software Development and Programming

Reason for a custom software solution:

  • Business-to-business compatibility:

    client has a need for their system to be compatible with customers, suppliers and distributors system.

  • Internal consolidation and organization:

    client streamlines various processes from different internal organizations into a single company-wide system application.

  • System integration:

    client has a need for interfacing between older and existing software with the newer applications.

  • Longer software life-cycle:

    client wants to have better shelf-life software solutions compared to the boxed software.

Enhance your workflow automation:

  • Inventory and system tracking
  • Consolidate and organize crucial information
  • Resources scheduling
  • Routing optimization
  • Data collection and data entry
  • Document controls

Our Solutions …

Web-based applications

Web-based applications provided a more flexible solutions than that of the desktop applications. Our analysist will be use as an indicator to select the best platform for each application on a case-by-case basis, preferring a web interface for applications that will be used by a large, geographically diverse client base.

Microsoft SQL Server

We have worked with major database systems. Most of our webapp and desktop applications are based on the popular industry-standard Microsoft SQL Server, which ensure that your system data will be available to future developers, integrators and users.

Our Deliverables …

Cybervn’s Application Development group with their methodology of custom software development ensured to deliver a successful result. Our diligent benchmarked practices along with tightly controlled quality procedures help our clients to achieve the maximum ROI. Our team will assist and work with you to:

  • Gather system requirements
  • Define and create system architecture
  • Create demos, proof of concept or prototypes
  • Build solution framework
  • Create software solution
  • Validate system against requirements
  • System roll-out and software installation across organizations
  • Continuous post-installation system support

Our Programming Languages and Technologies

dotNetAccessSQL ServerVisual BasicPHPMySQL

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