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Cybervn, a leader in software development company in Texas, one of many excellent software companies in Houston, great-quality software design and development is our specialty. We have more than a decade of experience building real-world software systems, Cybervn combines top-notch engineering talent with a strong commitment to delivering robust and flexible software solutions on time and within budget.

Our approach to providing software technology is simple. We keep our clients happy by focusing on three basic goals:

We believe that following these guidelines has made our company something to be proud of. Something excellent, effective, and reputable. A company that is continually growing and improving.

Get to know us better

  • Who is Cybervn? Cybervn is a group of software consultants, designers and developers to create software product for clients. Most of our employees are full-time and some independent contractors, we are the best in this business. We are located Texas and our business started in 2002.
  • Are you a recruiting or contracting company? No, we are not a placement company, we don’t dictate how your business is run, we don’t disappear once the project is completed. We are a capable, flexible and dependable company for hire. Our Engineering Software group can work with the entire project from ground up, or directly help the in-house technical staff through “crunch” times.
  • Do you work on-site? We travel to clients sites for information gathering, meetings, installation, troubleshooting, training. However, most of the work is done at our office with remote access option to your site.
  • Do you charge by projects and/or by the hour? Some clients prefer fixed bid, providing the project is well defined. We can also charge by the hour if you like the freedom and the flexibility of “pay as we go” and “do as I say”. And some clients like to have best of both worlds, a hybrid of fixed bidding and hourly. We will work with you to determine the best route for your project.
  • Is NDA needed? NDA do have its place, and we often times signed them. However, the NDA should covered a specific tangible and enumerated features of declared confidential information. For example, the project requires us to access the inner workings of a confidential or patented technology. This is covered by the client confidentiality principle; as in doctor-patient relationship, we will not discuss the client’s project details with others, even without any written agreements.


Why choose us? There are as many reasons to use our services as there are companies, and top-notch firms worldwide are finding that strategic relationships are critical to competitive success. Some of the benefits of working with Cybervn are:

  • Ease There is no need to recruit, hire, or train new employees.
  • Economy You incur no overhead costs. Cybervn provides its own facilities, systems, bandwidth, and so on.
  • Confidence When working with an established technology partner like Cybervn, you can be sure your software projects are completed on time, on budget, and to spec.
  • Synergy For larger projects, Cybervn offers you a team of veteran developers who have already proven themselves as an effective unit. Your organization avoids the personality clashes, communication problems, and other obstacles to building a successful development team.
  • Flexibility You can scale our involvement in your projects however you wish and whenever you wish.
  • Expertise Instantly tap into our engineers’ extensive, real-world experience in key technologies like C#, C++, ASP.NET, Web Services, Java, XML, SQL, PHP, mySql.
  • Simplicity You eliminate expenses related to retention of employees, including insurance, worker’s compensation, social security, and company-provided benefits.
  • Focus Using us to design and develop your software allows your organization to focus on its own core competencies.

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