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What are the typical terms of a payment?

Small-scale project, below $2000

  • Full advance payment

Medium-size project, below $10,000

  • 50% initial payment
  • 50% upon user-acceptance-test completion

Large-scale project

  • 25% initial payment
  • 25% upon technical specification completion
  • 25% upon coding completion
  • 25% upon user-acceptance-test completion

Sample project cost includes the following:

  • Software and business requirements analysis
  • Solution design and architect
  • Application implementation and programming
  • Product testing
  • Software user manual and documentation

The cost of the custom software is dictated by the amount of time the project take, and the skill level of each individual involved in the project. Our Houston based custom software development group can work with you to come up with an estimate based upon the work required.

For project that charged by the hour, we will invoice every 2 weeks, which is a standard practice for our software programmers group in Houston.

We provide a software warranty
All our software has a minimum 12 month warranty.

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