Custom Application & Software Development

Cybervn provides custom software & application development services, our experienced software consultants & developers start from the project conceptions to its implementation and extend to the support and maintenance phase. Our project managers make sure the project is on-time and on-budget, according to the project requirements. After the system is deployed and installed, Cybervn will ensures your designated employees have a complete understanding of the system and able to use the application successfully. In addition, our Custom Software Solutions can support virtually any your needs in the post-system-rollout.

Our services including, but not limited to:

Examples of our projects

  • iOS, iPhone, iPad applications
  • Android native applications
  • Blackberry native applications
  • Desktop applications
  • Web/Internet applications
  • Client/Server applications
  • Real-time micro-controller programming
  • Image processing applications
  • Audio processing applications
  • Web Services applications
  • Smart Client applications


Our focused area of services:

  • Software Development

    including web-centric applications, client/server desktop application development and legacy software enhancements.

  • Customization and Migration

    including functionality upgrades services, version upgrade maintenance, data migration, code re-factor, process and workflow re-engineering.

  • Guidance

    Cybervn’s technical staff provides best practice and technology recommendations based on the list of must-have, need-to-have, and like-to-have requirements.

  • Collaboration

    we complements your other and larger projects and systems, to assist your other outside consultants and staff, be it specific or maintenance developments.

  • Specialization

    Cybervn specializes in a wide range of programming languages (C#, Java, C/C++, PHP, HTML, Perl, CSS, etc.), including popular open source applications.

  • Tools

    our technical staff acquired a solid knowledgebase of both standard and open source tools, we constantly researching for latest tools to best fit our client’s demands.

  • OS Environment

    Cybervn primarily focus in standard and mainstream OS such as Windows, iOS, Android, Linux.

  • Development Environment

    to ensure smooth transition from development to testing to production, we use the same environments to the best of our abilities and availability.

Upon applying custom software development, our client able to manage their business strategies in all aspects of their business workflow, especially when the off-the-shelf software packages cannot adequately fulfill the business requirements. Our custom Software Development group delivers custom solutions within the realm of client’s business strategies and objectives. Cybervn custom application solutions will:

  • Provide you a superior & better competitive edge.
  • Address missing features and functions in commercial packaged applications.
  • Address unique aspects of the business process in your industry.
  • Address new ideas or non-existence features and business processes.
Cybervn choice of technology allows us to focus on your data and processes – and allows you to focus on your business:

  • Microsoft SQL Server

    We work with major database systems, including Oracle and MS SQL. Most of our applications are based on the industry-standard Microsoft SQL Server to ensure that your data will always be transparently available to future developers and users.

  • Visual Studio

    Our developments using industry tools such as Microsoft C# in Microsoft Visual Studio with .Net platform. Leveraging on the industry-standard technologies and tools allows your application with the maximum amount of development, technical, upgrade and maintenance supports.

Application Maintenance

System maintenance is another area Cybervn is excel in, we invest heavily in IT assets in order to maintain the developments. We invested over a long period of time and spanning across different technology spectrum, from legacy software to client-server applications to more contemporary multi-tier browser-based systems to mobile based solutions. Business requirements and environments are continuously and rapidly changing, with the constant emergence of better and newer technologies. As a result, the task of managing application maintenance to keep up with the new technologies are daunting and challenging. IT spending in a typical organization can be up to 50% of their IT budget on maintains existing IT functionality and operations. Therefore, it is important to be more effective and efficient in managing the costs of custom application maintenance, thus providing your company with a financial competitive edge. Cybervn knows how to future-proofing our client’s mission-critical applications, our maintenance processes and application managements ensure your flexible systems are evolve over time with your business. This approach enables:

Corrective maintenance is the starting point and evolves over time into the most advanced perfective maintenance level. Cybervn’s methodology of maintenance levels is backed by extensive technologies knowledge base and years of experience while adhere to the existing SLA (Service Level Agreements) in order to help reduce the application’s TCO (Total Cost of Ownership).

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