Desktop Application

Remaining to be the number one choice for engineering and business applications, it provides the most robust GUI especially for the intranet environment, high performance, local resources accessibility, able to run as a standalone application. It is a Thick Client Application compare to Web or Mobile Applications, it increase business productivity and enhance workflow efficiency. Desktop applications offer basic but important features such as rich user interface controls, memory client side caching, multi threading, keyboard shortcuts, customizable setup and configurations. MS windows desktop applications play important role in the desktop application arena, it has been around for decades due to the popularly and support of MS suites of tools and environments. Our Window Application Developers are experts in .NET & MFC development to deliver the best custom solutions that are most suited your demands, Cybervn’s Engineering Software group have in depth knowledge in creating desktop applications for business, engineering, financial, health care and many others.

Cybervn solutions for the desktop applications including:

  • .NET technologies, C#, VB.NET, Windows Services, C++, COM/COM+/DCOM
  • Windows 8
  • Enterprise workflow
  • Data Visualization and Charting
  • MS Visual Basic
  • MS Access front and back-end.
  • Java
  • Assembly, ActiveX, Delphi, Pascal, DirectX, OpenGL