Data is at the core of an organization, therefore business owner’s primary focus and concern should be on developing, protecting and accessing data. Mission critical applications should have a strong security database with useful administrative tools to perform rollbacks, backups, user account configurations, performance optimization, etc.

Microsoft’s flagship relational database SQL Server is architected to handle the rigorous workload balancing and data administration requirements for high demanding business applications. Microsoft SQL Server is scalable, reliable, and secure, some of its advantages are:

  • High performance and scalability
  • Interoperability with multiple applications
  • Built in encryption and security
  • Good integrity and maintenance
  • Fully integrated with .NET Framework
  • Availability of skilled professionals


MS Access is a great starting DBMS for small desktop application with limited users and features, with less than 2 GB storage requirements, MS Access is inexpensive and easy to develop, these are some of the qualities that making Microsoft Access a popular choice for desktop database engine.

However, MS Access has limitations that is not possible to overcome with programming techniques or workarounds, technical limitations such as poor performance, database corruption required regular fixes & tweaks.  In addition, as your applications become more complex with addition and new features, the need for migrate to and update into newer technologies such as SQL Server becomes more and more desirable.

The Hidden Cost
For obvious reasons, developers believed MS Access applications development is less expensive than the like MS SQL Server and .NET, however MS Access potential could adds unnecessary development, support and maintenance costs to your organization, these creeping costs that are add up over time and are difficult to track.

MS Access to SQL Server Migrations

Migrating MS Access to SQL Server can be fairly straightforward or challenging, depending upon many factors, most important including the data integrity retention.  For the last 15 years, Cybervn have developed methodologies for migrating MS Access to SQL Server that is ensures the highest protection of your organization business data and cost-effective.