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Visual Basic to .NET migrations

If your group or department still running the production code on Visual Basic 6.x then you probably don’t want to hear the lecture, since you are fully aware that operating the production code on a ten-year-old platform is like driving a twenty-year-old non-restored-classic daily-commute vehicle.  I am sure that you get it, but remain in the tight spot where there is a need to make a change, and the change seems to be pretty drastic.  Well, it might not as bad as you think, there are works ahead but it is doable.  So pull up a seat, grab a cup of coffee and let’s talk.

Cybervn is in the business of legacy modernization, where legacy systems are outdated applications which operated on technologies that are no longer used or supported by the industry, they normally has a higher maintenance costs and difficult to scale.   Several leading challenges endured by companies in transforming their existing systems are

  • Higher application maintenance cost
  • Increasing security risks
  • Reducing of agility
  • Application becomes slower and less productive
  • Near and long term risks of reducing skill-set and resource availability
  • Difficulty in integration with a new systems due to technological incompatibility
  • Slower time-to-market products due to large and complex system structure

Cybervn approaches to this problem is re-engineering your legacy system by understand your system from the design to the final product, our analysis starting from your legacy code and continue into your current and future business processes, to turn it into a modernize system in a new platform.  Benefits of legacy modernization are many, including

  • Reducing system maintenance
  • Increasing performance and flexibility with new architecture
  • Minimizing operations risks
  • Increasing data consistency and availability
  • Cross-platform data access
  • Increasing security
  • Mobile technology integration
  • Increasing development productivity
  • Increasing competitive advantage
  • Consolidate valuable software assets

Migrating from Visual Basic 6.x to .NET can be done using either VB.NET or C#, they are both OOP (Object Oriented Programming) languages.  Cybervn has been involved in software migrations for almost 205 years and successfully upgraded thousands and thousands of lines of code from VB6 to C#/VB.NET, our experiences assured that your VB6 to C#/VB.NET migration project is possible with minimal risks.